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Theory Design was born of a collaboration with Seagate Development Group filling the need to lend a unique design approach to their fast-growing building projects. This talented and spirited team collaborates on a multi-level approach to provide the best-designed products for their clients.


We are Theory Design.


A team of inspired and talented Interior Designers that

are dedicated to excellence in interior design.


We design to create an experience that engages all senses. 


A home should be one’s refuge. We invite nature to influence

our design with organic textures, tactile surfaces and nature-inspired

color pallets.


Our goal is to engage with clients to infuse their own character and

personality to their home design. With involvement in all aspects

from the very beginning, we develop designs from concept to

completion to create an overall cohesive home design.


Theory Design is led by Interior Designer Ruta Menaghlazi

who has created interiors in Florida, Chicago, Las Vegas and Morocco.

A purist at heart, she is influenced by nature and a believer of

timeless and classic design but always with a twist.

Our Team

Ruta Menaghlazi

Vice President of Design

Jenna Kowalczyk

Vice President of Design Operations

Cynde Thompson

Interior Designer

Adriene Ged

Interior Designer

James Nulf

Chief Operating Officer | Partner

Brett Backus

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Paula Myette

Senior Interior Designer

Erin Abbey

Interior Design Assistant

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